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WEBINAR: Debugging Flink Tutorial

Hosted by: Seth Wiesman | Solutions Architect, Ververica
Duration: 1h

As stream processing is being adopted by an enterprise for mission-critical applications, it is important to ensure your systems are robust, correct, and performant. While helping Flink users bring a wide variety of streaming applications into production, we at Ververica have learned a lot about the most common issues and performance pitfalls. In this talk, we will tackle some of the usual suspects together, and share lessons learned about measuring, monitoring, and tuning Apache Flink.

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WEBINAR: Flink SQL in Action


Stream processing is rapidly adopted by the enterprise. While in the past, stream processing frameworks mostly provided Java or Scala-based APIs, stream processing with SQL is recently gaining a lot of attention because it makes stream processing accessible to non-programmers and significantly reduces the effort to solve common tasks.


About three years ago, the Apache Flink community started adding SQL support to process static and streaming data in a unified fashion. Today, Flink SQL powers production systems at Alibaba, Huawei, Lyft, and Uber. In this talk, I will discuss the current state of Flink’s SQL support and explain the importance of Flink’s unified approach to process static and streaming data. Once the basics are covered, I will present common real-world use cases ranging from low-latency ETL to pattern detection and demonstrate how easily they can be addressed by Flink SQL.

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Apr 2019


Flink Forward San Francsico 2019

San Francisco, US Date: Apr 1-2, 2019

Flink Forward speakers are experts from global companies like Airbnb, Alibaba, Lyft, Netflix, Splunk, Uber, and many more, who have built scalable streaming infrastructure and enterprise-grade applications.

Hear why and how they use Flink as the stream processing engine of choice for large-scale stateful applications, including real-time analytics, real-time search and content ranking, fraud/anomaly/threat detection.

See the sessions and register at https://sf-2019.flink-forward.org/conference-program

Mar 2019


Tutorial: Introduction to Flink via Flink SQL

San Francisco, US Date: March 26, 2019

Title: Introduction to Flink via Flink SQL

Description: As data processing becomes more real-time, stream processing is becoming more important. Apache Flink makes it easier to build and manage stream processing applications. Flink’s new SQL interface is not only a great way to get started with Flink, but also to build and maintain production applications.

This hands-on session introduces Flink via the SQL interface. You will receive an overview of stream processing, and a survey of Apache Flink with its various modes of use. Then we’ll use Flink to run SQL queries on data streams and contrast this with the Flink data stream API.

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Feb 2019

Big Data Tech Summit Warsaw 2019

Big Data Tech Summit Warsaw 2019

Warsaw, PL Date: Feb 27, 2019

Speaker: Dawid Wysakowicz, Software Engineer at dA

Talk Title: Detecting Patterns in Event Streams with Flink SQL

Talk Abstract: Introduction to SQL on streams concepts, explain how the new SQL MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause brings the power of pattern matching to (streaming) SQL and demonstrate advanced stream analytics with Flink SQL.

Apache Flink is one of the first open source stream processors that was able to address the full spectrum of stream processing applications, ranging from applications with low latency requirements to applications that process millions of events per second. On top of this powerful processing engine, the Flink community built APIs for complex event processing and streaming analytics, namely the CEP library and support for streaming SQL.
Since recently, the Flink community is integrating both APIs by extending Flink SQL to support the MATCH RECOGNIZE clause for row pattern matching that was introduced with the SQL:2016 standard.

In my talk, I will discuss the new MATCH RECOGNIZE feature and present use cases that benefit from pattern matching support in streaming SQL, such as process monitoring or anomaly detection. I will demonstrate the feature with a few example queries and take a brief look under the hood to discuss a few details of the implementation.

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Meetup in Seattle

Integrate Flink with Apache Hive and E2E Flink SQL Experience (To be finalized)

Seattle, WA, United States Date: Feb 21, 2019

Join the first meetup in Seattle of 2019 to hear talks about Apache Flink and Apache Hive integration and E2E Flink SQL Experience. 

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Meetup in Zürich

Apache Flink Meetup @ Teralytics

Zürich, CH Date: Feb 13, 2019

Hear latest Flink use cases in academia and industry from ETH Zürich and Teralytics.

- Intro and community update to learn what's new in Flink since we last met by Vasia Kalavri, ETH Zürich
- Data Processing Use Cases at Teralytics using Flink by Bertrand Bossy, Teralytics
- Integrating Stateful External Processes into Flink by Joshua Schneider, ETH Zürich

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May 2018

Strata Data London

Strata Data London

London, United Kingdom Date: May 21, 2018 to May 24, 2018

Visit our booth (#410).
Chat with the experts about Apache Flink, the stream processing platform for real-time analytics and real-time applications. Apache Flink provides efficient, fast, accurate, and fault tolerant handling of massive streams of events. Learn about the new Application Manager in dA Platform which makes deploying and running Flink in production much easier.

1st Speaker: Kostas Kloudas
Talk title: Complex Event Processing with Apache Flink

Talk Abstract: Complex Event Processing (CEP) helps at detecting patterns over continuous streams of data. DNA sequencing, fraud detection, shipment tracking with specific characteristics (e.g. contaminated goods) and user activity analysis fall into this category. In this talk, Kostas Kloudas will present Flink’s CEP library and the benefits of its integration with Flink.

2nd Speaker: Aljoscha Krettek
Talk title: Stream Processing for the Practitioner: Blueprints for common stream processing use cases with Apache Flink

Talk Abstract: When working with Apache Flink users, we see many different types of stream processing applications being implemented on top of Apache Flink. Over time, we noticed common patterns and saw how most streaming applications can be reduced to a few core archetypes or “application blueprints”. In this talk Aljoscha Krettek will outline a few of these “stream processing application blueprints” in a practical, hands-on format, and also take a look at operational considerations.

Apr 2018

Apache Flink Meetup

Apache Flink Meetup

London, United Kingdom Date: Apr 24, 2018

Speaker: Stephan Ewen
Talk title: “Recap and Summary of Flink Forward San Francisco 2018”

Talk abstract: Apache Flink is known today largely as a stream processor for high-volume streams with low latency, event time aware, supporting large and consistent state. Following the “batch is a special case of streaming” paradigm, Flink doubles also as a fast batch processor.

In this talk, we will cover the key updates on what happened and what was announced during Flink Forward in San Francisco April 10th 2018. This includes but is not limited to:

– Whats new and great about in Flink 1.5
– Opening up Stateful Stream Processing for Python, Go, TensorFlow integrations

Kafka Summit London

Kafka Summit London

London, United Kingdom Date: Apr 23, 2018 to Apr 24, 2018

Speaker: Stephan Ewen
Talk title: Taking Stateful Stream Processing to the Next Level with Kafka and Flink

Talk Abstract: Come learn how the combination of Apache Kafka and Apache Flink is making stateful stream processing even more expressive and flexible to support applications in streaming that were previously not considered streamable.
The new world of applications and fast data architectures has broken up the database: Raw data persistence comes in the form of event logs, and the state of the world is computed by a stream processor. Apache Kafka provides a strong solution for the event log, while Apache Flink forms a powerful foundation for the computation over the event streams.
In this talk Stephan will discuss how Flink’s abstraction and management of application state have evolved over time and how Flink’s snapshot persistence model and Kafka’s log work together to form a base to build ‘versioned applications’.

DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018

DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018

Berlin, Germany Date: Apr 16, 2018 to Apr 19, 2018

Speaker: Stephan Ewen
Talk title: An Elastic Batch- and Stream Processing Stack with Pravega and Apache Flink

Talk Abstract: Stephan Ewen will present an open source streaming data stack consisting of Pravega (stream storage) and Apache Flink (computation on streams). He will discuss how the combination of these two systems offers an unprecedented way of handling “everything as a stream”, while dynamically accommodating workload variations in a novel way. 
Pravega offers a permanent streaming storage, exposing an API than enables applications to access data in either near-realtime or at any arbitrary time in the future in a uniform fashion. Apache Flink’s SQL and streaming APIs provide a common interface for processing continuous near-real-time data and set of historic data, or combinations of both. A deep integration between these two systems gives end-to-end exactly-once semantics for pipelines of streams and stream processing, and lets both systems jointly scale and adjust automatically to changing data rates.

Flink Forward San Francisco

Flink Forward San Francisco

San Francisco, United States Date: Apr 09, 2018 to Apr 10, 2018

Flink Forward is the conference for Apache Flink and stream processing communities. Join core Flink committers, thought leaders, and new and experienced users from companies like Google, Yelp, eBay, Lyft, Drivetribe, Alibaba, American Express, Netlfix, Capital One, Uber and many more to share experiences and best practices in stream processing, real-time analytics, event-driven applications, and managing mission-critical Flink deployments in production. 

Check out the schedule and register here

Mar 2018

Apache Flink Seattle Meetup: Flink SQL by dataArtisans and Pravega by DellEMC

Apache Flink Seattle Meetup: Flink SQL by dataArtisans and Pravega by DellEMC

Seattle, United States Date: Mar 05, 2018

Join the second Apache Flink meetup in Seattle. 
Talks by Fabian Hueske (data Artisans) on ‘Why, when, and how to leverage the power and simplicity of SQL on Flink’, and by Flavio Junqueira (DellEMC) on Pravega, a storage system designed and built to store unbounded amounts of stream data.

Strata Data San Jose

Strata Data San Jose

San Jose, United States Date: Mar 05, 2018 to Mar 08, 2018

Speakers: Fabian Hueske, Flavio Junquiera
Talk title: Unified and elastic batch and stream processing with Pravega and Apache Flink

Talk Abstract: Stephan Ewen and Flavio Junqueira detail an open source streaming data stack consisting of Pravega (stream storage) and Apache Flink (computation on streams) that offers an unprecedented way of handling “everything as a stream” that includes unbounded streaming storage and unified batch and streaming abstraction and dynamically accommodates workload variations in a novel way.

Speaker: Fabian Hueske
Talk title: Streaming SQL to unify batch and stream processing: Theory and practice with Apache Flink at Uber

Talk Abstract: Fabian Hueske and Shuyi Chen explore SQL’s role in the world of streaming data and its implementation in Apache Flink and cover fundamental concepts, such as streaming semantics, event time, incremental results. They also share their experience using Flink SQL in production at Uber, explaining how Uber leverages Flink SQL to solve its unique business challenges.

Feb 2018

Big Data Tech Warsaw

Big Data Tech Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland Date: Feb 22, 2018

Speaker: Piotr Nowojski
Talk title: Apache Flink: Better, Faster & Uncut

Talk Abstract: This talk will start with brief introduction to streaming processing and Flink itself. Next, we will take a look at some of the most interesting recent improvements in Flink such as incremental checkpointing, end-to-end exactly-once processing guarantee and network latency optimizations. We’ll discuss real problems that Flink’s users were facing and how they were addressed by the community and dataArtisans.

Apache Flink London Meetup: Panta Rhei: designing applications with distributed streams by DriveTribe & lightning talk on some best practices around Flink state types by data Artisans

Apache Flink London Meetup: Panta Rhei: designing applications with distributed streams by DriveTribe & lightning talk on some best practices around Flink state types by data Artisans

London, United Kingdom Date: Feb 21, 2018

Join the first Apache Flink London meetup of 2018. 
Talks by Alex Garella & Aris Koliopoulos (DriveTribe) on designing applications with distributed streams, and by Patrick Lucas (data Artisans) on best practices around Flink state types (List/Map/ValueState et al). Patrick Lucas has expertise in containerised Flink Apps, so he is the person to ask, if you have any relevant questions.

Jan 2018

Apache Flink Meetup Tel-Aviv @ Clicktale

Apache Flink Meetup Tel-Aviv @ Clicktale

Tel-Aviv, Israel Date: Jan 24, 2018

Join us for our first Apache Flink meetup in Israel hosted by Clicktale and learn more about how their team uses Apache Flink.
Talks by Robert Metzger (data Artisans) on building a stream processor for fast analytics, event-driven applications, event time, and tons of state, and by Daniel Miodownik (Clicktale) & Gennady Gilin (Clicktale) on why Clicktale needs stateful processing and their use-case on using Flink at scale to build data products.


 Till Rohrmann
 Patrick Lucas
Kostas Kloudas
Robert Metzger
    Stefan Richter
Stephan Ewen
Kostas Tzoumas
Timo Walther
David Anderson
Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai
Ufuk Celebi
   Aljoscha Krettek
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