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  • Description Description

    This course is for Flink developers who want to deepen their understanding of Flink and learn how best to use its APIs to meet the needs of common, real-world use cases. The emphasis is on best practices and application design patterns, based on our experience working with users and their applications.

  • Duration Duration

    This one-day course is often combined with the Standard Training Course for a complete two-day introduction to Apache Flink.

  • Prerequisites Prerequisites

    This course assumes you’ve had some initial experience with Apache Flink, and understand the concepts presented in the Standard training course. You’ll need your own laptop, and should already have a working Flink development environment.

Advanced training course content

  • Best Practices for Working with Time and State
  • Testing
  • Stream SQL
  • Streaming Application Design Patterns
  • Advanced APIs
  • Metrics and Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning and Deployment

After this training you will know:

  • How to write unit and integration tests for Flink applications
  • How to avoid common anti-patterns with timers and state
  • Design patterns for building solutions for common use cases
  • How to leverage Flink’s SQL library
  • What to configure before deploying to production
  • How to measure and improve performance