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Ververica Platform is a production-ready platform for stream processing. It includes open source Apache Flink® for stateful stream processing and event-driven application development and Application Manager for deployment and operations.
Application Manager is the central component of Ververica Platform and is used to manage the lifecycle, state, and configuration of Flink applications on Kubernetes.

Application Manager provides a secured, RESTful API and a web-based user interface for performing stateful operations, such as upgrades, migrations or roll-backs.

Ververica Platform has been built for companies that are just getting started with stateful stream processing, as well as experienced users looking to manage their streaming applications more effectively.


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Enterprise Ready

Ververica Platform provides Single-Sign-On (SSO) and LDAP authentication, and role-based access control (RBAC) for its user interface and REST APIs. The platform supports multi-tenancy and flexible models for separating teams or other organizational units through namespaces.

The rich REST API is a first-class interface for managing Flink streaming applications through external build systems such as Jenkins that allow custom deployment and operation workflow integrations.

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24x7 stream processing: Availability & Consistency

Ververica Platform has been designed for availability and consistency. All operational tasks are performed in a stateful way, without any state loss or inconsistency. Failures of the platform, Flink, or Kubernetes can be recovered at any time.

The platform also supports integrations with monitoring and logging tools, allowing investigations into performance regressions and causes of failures.

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Best way to run Flink on Kubernetes - in the cloud or on premise.

Ververica Platform is the best way to deploy and run stateful streaming applications in any environment that uses Kubernetes. It connects the dots between the abstractions of Kubernetes (stateless containers with persistent volumes) and stateful stream processing.

The platform adds an additional layer on top of Kubernetes that knows how to orchestrate operational tasks with Flink ensuring end-to-end consistency.

How does it work?

  • Application Manager
    Application Manager

Application Manager orchestrates Apache Flink jobs in Kubernetes.

It provides a secured, RESTful API and a user interface for specifying Flink applications.

The main abstraction for specifying Flink applications is a declarative specification, including the Flink jar, parallelism, configuration parameters, and resource requirements.

Application Manager ensures that all the managed Flink applications are healthy and operating as expected.

If Application Manager is unavailable due to a failure, Flink jobs will keep running. When the Application Manager recovers, the state of all Flink applications under its control will , and any pending operations, such as migrations or deployment changes, will be completed.

All components of Ververica Platform run on Kubernetes. We provide installation instructions and tooling for it.

Why Application Manager?

The definitive way of running Apache Flink

The definitive way of running Apache Flink

Ververica Platform answers most of the questions that arise when moving a Flink application from the proof-of-concept phase to production: the technology comes with the right abstractions, tooling and integrations for running Apache Flink successfully, at scale, and reliably.


The right tools from day one

Ververica Platform is designed as “batteries included” for everybody who’s getting started. The product provides everything you need to get started with the development of your Flink applications — an easy way to deploy your application, with fully-integrated tooling for debugging and monitoring and effective operations.
Focus on your use-cases from day one, without spending valuable time and resources on your infrastructure and integrations.


Internal streaming platforms

Provide an internal, self-service streaming platform to developer teams in your organization. The underlying resource manager, integrations, and default configurations are managed by the platform so that users can focus on their use-cases.
Enterprises can achieve standardized deployments across different teams and avoid “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to infrastructure and integration work.


Integration with CI/CD pipelines

Ververica Platform makes it easy to build custom integrations with deployment systems for CI/CD pipelines on stateful streaming jobs.

Application Manager enables you setup automatic deployments of your streaming applications, launched with the latest state from production.

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