Announcing dA Platform 1.1 with support for Apache Flink 1.5.0 and other additions

Today, we are excited to announce the next release of dA Platform and Application Manager. This release contains new features and improvements based on customer feedback gathered from users of the initial version of dA Platform.

The following major features have been added to in the release:

  • Support for Apache Flink 1.5.0
    The Apache Flink community has released Flink 1.5.0 including major new features and improvements to Flink's core runtime. With the release of dA Platform 1.1, we provide full support for deployments running Flink 1.5.0. The release makes deployment upgrades simple by just specifying your desired Flink version in the API. Any upgrades of your Flink jobs will happen without state loss when you specify a stateful upgrade strategy in Application Manager.
  • Improved interoperability with Kubernetes
    We've added support for customizing created Kubernetes resources for Flink jobs. You can now easily attach annotations, nodeSelectors, affinities, tolerations, and volume mounts to the Kubernetes deployments created by Application Manager. This was a highly requested feature and gives you full flexibility for setups that for instance require persistent volumes for Flink containers or want to use kube2iam when accessing data in S3. 
  • Support for finite Flink jobs
    Customers running streaming jobs that consume finite data sources (such as files), or jobs that use Flink's batch API now get initial support as part of Application Manager's deployment resource. This enables you to manage both streaming and batch workloads in Application Manager and use libraries available for the Batch API such as machine learning or graph processing. Simply specify an artifact that packages a finite job and provide it to Application Manager to get started.
  • In addition to these new features, we've added a ton of minor improvements to the web UI, API, and error messages.

Next steps

  • You can check out the updated trial VM and Docker images on our download page and play around with the latest version of dA Platform.
  • The updated documentation for this version contains changelog with more details.
  • If you are already using Application Manager and working with the data Artisans repository, you have to simply update the image reference to v1.1/appmanager:1.1.0.

We are eager to hear your feedback about this new version and happy to answer any questions you have. You can reach us at

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