Announcing Pre-Registration for the Ververica Partner Program

Enabling Partners to expand their product and service offering with best-in-class data stream processing

We are excited to announce pre-registration for potential business partners to join forces with the original creators of Apache Flink. As demand for stream processing and stateful streaming applications, powered by Apache Flink continues to grow, we want to proactively match and exceed customer and Apache Flink user expectations, by expanding the delivery of a best-in-class experience for users and customers. We are currently opening our pre-registration for our Partner Program to two partner categories.


Ververica Platform Partner:

This category refers to organizations eager to enhance their existing products and services to incorporate Ververica Platform. If you already sell products and services in the wider data processing space, you can now add Ververica Platform to your portfolio and expand your offering to the best-in-class stream processing technology in the market.


Ververica Service Partner:

This category refers to business and technology organizations offering consulting or other services on big data and technology infrastructure projects. If your services include consulting or providing support and expertise on aspects of big data, data infrastructure or data architecture best practices, you can now leverage the expertise of the original creators of Apache Flink to bring your portfolio of services to the next level by incorporating stream processing and real-time data processing.


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