Flink Forward Berlin Preview: Apache Flink Internals Sessions

The team at data Artisans, along with the Apache Flink community, is looking forward to Flink Forward Berlin which takes place on September 11-13. The conference offers in-depth talks, practical use cases, and an opportunity to connect with Apache Flink contributors and users.

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This blog post provides a highlight of the the sessions which will be presented by data Artisans team members, including some of the original creators of Apache Flink.

• Learn more about latest features in Apache Flink including incremental checkpointing, fine grained recovery, side outputs and many more in the session presented by Till Rohrmann, Engineering Lead of data Artisans.

• With Stefan Richter, Software Engineer at data Artisans, we will look under the hood dive into the details of Flink's new checkpointing features.

• How can I change how my state is serialized and stored, or even the schema of my state, as business logic changes over time? Get the answers in the session Managing State in Apache Flink by Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai, Software Engineer at data Artisans.

• Fabian Hueske, Software Engineer at data Artisans, will present Flink’s unified relational APIs, show how streaming SQL queries are processed, and discuss exciting new use-cases.

• Kostas Kloudas, Software Engineer at data Artisans, presents FlinkCEP, a library for Complex Event Processing (CEP) based on Flink.

• See the current status of the APIs in a live demo and join the session by Timo Walther, Software Engineer at data Artisans.

• Piotr Nowojski, Software Engineer at data Artisans, will talk about how end-to-end exactly-once guarantees can be achieved with Apache Flink.

• Nico Kruber, Software Engineer at data Artisans, will present how Flink’s network stack works.

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