Flink Forward Berlin Preview: Keynotes

Get Ready! Next week, more than 350 CTOs/CIOs, developers, DevOps engineers, system/data architects, data scientists and Apache Flink core committers will gather at Kulturbrauerei Berlin.

For the fourth time, we invite the growing Apache Flink community to Flink Forward to discuss new ideas, share real-world case studies and talk about the future of stream processing.

If you haven’t already registered, you can still do so now! There’s no better opportunity to meet with, and learn from, active members of the Apache Flink ecosystem.

This year’s keynotes will address the fundamental changes and challenges that organizations are facing and Apache Flink’s role in this evolutionary process.

data Artisans’ CTO Stephan Ewen will present the opening keynote “The State of Flink and how to adopt Stream Processing” on the first conference day, September 12th. Stephan will take a look at the evolution of stream processing and Apache Flink during the past year and will discuss the next wave of stream processing applications. He shows how the Apache Flink community and use cases have evolved, what use cases he expects in the future, and how new features in Flink are making new types of applications possible. He will also discuss common challenges that companies are facing when adopting stream processing and how data Artisans can help companies to rapidly adopt and roll out stream processing company-wide.

The next keynote on the first day of conference will be given by Ferd Scheepers, Chief Information Architect at ING Ops & IT Banking. His presentation “Taking away customer friction through streaming analytics” points out upcoming challenges at ING and at banks in general. Interaction with customers and traditional communication models have changed. ING has to actively reach out to customers with information that is relevant to them in order to make their financial life frictionless. Many of these changes are driven by reacting to all events that are relevant to the customer and using streaming analytics to be able to reach out to the customer in milliseconds after the event occurs. Apache Flink is key for ING to be able to achieve this.

Alibaba operates the world’s largest e-commerce platform. On the second day of conference, September 13th, Xiaowei Jiang, Senior Director at Alibaba, will provide insights and best practices. Their massive scale and strict latency requirements present unique challenges for a real-time data infrastructure. Xiaowei will share Alibaba’s use cases and how they use Apache Flink. In addition, he will talk about various improvements Alibaba contributed while bringing Flink into large scale production.

You don’t wanna miss it!

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