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Introducing StreamBurst as a Ververica Partner in South Africa


We are delighted to collaborate with Ververica and the original creators of Apache Flink to support our clients in South Africa with cutting edge real time streaming capabilities. 

As a leading data analytics company in South Africa, supporting customers on their digital transformation journey, it is exciting for us at StreamBurst to be able to complement our portfolio around Apache Flink and the Ververica Platform.


South Africa has one of the largest information and communications technology (ICT) markets of the continent with leadership in mobile and security software as well as electronic banking services. The country’s technology sector is both sophisticated and developing. 

Companies nowadays consider open source technologies more than ever as they embrace digital transformation, seek to advance their data analytics competence or automate their business or production processes.

Investing time into open source can however significantly reduce your time to market or you might be facing a scenario where you simply don’t have the proficiency to deliver on this aspiration due to the lack of expertise or staff. Finding the right path and technologies to help you accelerate your route to a modern business can be challenging.

StreamBurst has a mentality to partner with customers to create the perfect environment for innovation, diversity and creativity. Teaming remotely or on-prem, achieves fast and effective results that ultimately translate into increased revenue, cost savings or risk mitigations. 

With data at the core of modern businesses, comes a desire for more and better analytics. StreamBurst’s aim is to make customers self-sufficient and only assist where absolutely necessary. Self-service analytics, amongst other tools, significantly reduce investments and optimize employee efficiencies.

The partnership with Ververica enables us to leverage the expertise of the original creators of Apache Flink and benefit from the ability to also support cases where a turnkey solution such as the Ververica Platform with stateful stream processing and streaming analytics might be required.

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About Ververica

Ververica was founded by the original creators of Apache Flink® with the mission of enabling business in real-time. It provides Ververica Platform, a turnkey solution that operationalizes years of experience working with Flink users to accelerate the journey of enterprises to stream processing adoption.


About StreamBurst

StreamBurst was founded in 2019 to give our customers in South Africa and Africa a better and wider variety of business solution options through the adoption of real-time streaming data, dataops, analytical process automation, graph databases and open source. Designing real-time business critical systems, solutions and analytics that enable cost reduction, revenue growth, productivity and competitive advantage in the digital age are our key differentiators.

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