Ververica Development License

Are you currently in the early development phase of a Flink application or proof-of-concept? Sign up to the Ververica Development License and experience an entirely new way of developing, deploying and managing stateful stream processing applications in production.

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Program Overview

The Ververica Development License Program is a new license scheme that brings Ververica Platform to early-stage adopters of stream processing and Apache Flink and enables companies and teams to start with the right tools from day one, streamline their adoption, apply best practices and ultimately save time and resources while getting them into production faster.

Who's Eligible

Eligible organizations meet the following criteria: 

  • An intention to develop one or multiple Apache Flink applications in the next few months
  • A Flink application or proof-of-concept currently in development (not yet in production)


Access to Ververica Platform Stream Edition


Selected companies and developer organizations make use of the Stream Edition of Ververica Platform at an exclusive rate.


Check out the edition benefits.

Access to the Ververica Product & Engineering teams


Gain access to Ververica’s product management and engineering teams and learn how to best develop and deploy stateful streaming applications at scale.

With Ververica’s Bronze tier support level, participants of the license program get first-hand expertise and best practice from the original creators of Apache Flink.

Minimize maintenance and infrastructure overhead


Accepted companies to the Ververica Development License Program head-start their Flink journey with the right tooling, APIs and integrations to run Flink applications at any scale with confidence.

Apply best practices from the original creators of the framework and move to production faster and effortlessly. 

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Ververica Platform

Ververica Platform is a production-ready stream processing platform powered by open source Apache Flink®.


Ververica Platform enables the modern enterprise to build, operate, and run streaming applications in a secure, frictionless, scalable, and cost-efficient manner. The Platform allows you to harness the power of stream processing and start building streaming applications in a matter of days.

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