Download the Report: Stream Processing for Real-Time Businesses, Powered by Apache Flink®

Download the Report: Stream Processing

dA Platform is a complete stream processing infrastructure that includes open source Apache Flink® and makes it easier than ever for enterprises to deploy and manage Flink-powered stream processing applications in production. In this report, we’ll first define stream processing and establish why it’s a critical technology for businesses building real-time products and services. 

Next, we’ll introduce Apache Flink®, a powerful open-source stream processing framework, highlighting a selection of Flink’s differentiating features and reviewing real-world Flink use cases. 

And finally, we’ll walk through how exactly dA Platform enables developers to bring Apache Flink stream processing applications to production in record time then manage them with ease.

Covered in the report

  • Learn why stateful stream processing is an enabling technology for businesses offering real-time products and services
  • Review real-world Flink use cases and the features that set Flink apart as a stateful stream processing framework
  • Dive into dA Platform, a ready-to-go stream processing infrastructure provided by data Artisans that includes open-source Apache Flink

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