Download the dA Streaming Ledger Whitepaper

Download the data Artisans Streaming Ledger Whitepaper

dA Streaming Ledger, now available in the River Edition of dA Platform, works as a library for processing event streams across multiple shared states/tables with Serializable ACID Semantics.

In this whitepaper, we explain Stateful Stream Processing as the critical technology for businesses to build data-intensive applications and explain some of the limitations of existing stream processing frameworks. Next, we introduce dA Streaming Ledger, a solution that brings Serializable ACID transactions on data streams.
Finally, we describe how dA Streaming Ledger works and name some example use cases for the technology.

The Whitepaper covers:

 > Stateful Stream Processing as the technology of choice for companies who want to build data-intensive applications and operate in real time.
 > dA Streaming Ledger, its functionality, and example use cases.
 > A step-by-step guide on developing streaming applications with dA Streaming Ledger.

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