Operations Track

Flink as a Library (and still as a Framework)

Containerized deployments have taken the world by storm. Containers make your application portable across different machines and operating systems. They allow to scale applications in a matter of seconds. And they significantly simplify and speed up deployments which decreases development and operating costs. Consequently, more and more users want to deploy Apache Flink in containerized environments.
In order to make Flink ready for container deployments, the Flink community has completely reworked Flink’s distributed architecture and added RESTful client-server communication. Moreover, the community added a container entry point with which it is a child’s play to build container images to get started.

In this talk, we will take a closer look at the improvements to Flink which make it a first class citizen of the container world. We will demonstrate how easy it is to set up a Flink cluster on Kubernetes and discuss common pitfalls. We will conclude the talk with an outlook on future developments such as native Kubernetes support.


Gary Yao
Gary Yao
Software Engineer Ververica
Gary Yao

Gary Yao is a Software Engineer at data Artisans. His contributions to Apache Flink include improvements to the runtime, and a distributed test suite. Prior to joining data Artisans, he worked on fraud detection systems in the online retail industry. He studied Computer Science at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.