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Matchmaking_in multiplayer games with Apache Flink

King's streaming platform processes over hundred billion daily events to provide real-time analytics and personalization capabilities for some of the largest mobile games in the world. Platform’s newest experimental addition uses existing infrastructure, player state, machine learning and global windows to delight our players with the best possible opponents in multi-player experiences. Come find out more about our solution and its combination with other parts of King’s ecosystem.


Vladimir Schaefer
Vladimír Schäfer
Vladimír Schäfer

Together with his team Vladimír develops King’s streaming platform RBEA. Previously, Vladimír helped create technology of two startup companies ­ Omniata (acquired by King in 2017) and RM5 Software (acquired by Efecte in 2014). After over 10 years in engineering roles his main technical expertise lies in big data processing, streaming and identity management.