We highly appreciate the effort to organise meetups and understand that this can be quite challenging!

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Why Organizing a Meetup?


Build Local Communities

Be the first to start a Meetup Group in your area to delight the local Flink enthusiasts with great quality events.


Get Involved

Contribute to the growth and nurture your existing local Flink Meetup Group by organizing local events.

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Share Flink Use Cases

Let the world hear your compelling Flink story! Hosting a meetup gives you and fellow community members the opportunity to exchange knowledge.


Make Connections

Meetups are a great opportunity to network and build connections with developers, data scientists, and software engineers in your area.

Key Meetup Components

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Tips for the ideal venue:

  • Large enough to accommodate 40+ people.

  • Space for food and drinks.

  • Area for presentation with a projector.

  • Area for networking.

Ideal speaker scenario:

  • Accommodate for 2 or more speakers.

  • Talks about Flink experiences or related topics.

  • Lightning talks, demos.

Tips for community outreach:

  • Promote the event on social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, internal communication channels.

  • Tag @ApacheFlink on Twitter for a retweet.

  • Invite colleagues & friends.

  • Encourage meetup speakers to promote the event.

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