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    This course is a hands-on introduction to key topics relating to putting Flink applications into production, including configuring and tuning your job, deployment, operations, and maintenance. Also included is a solid introduction to the organization of the Flink runtime to help you tune and troubleshoot your applications. The exercises provide a hands-on introduction to these same topics.

    The intended audience includes both developers and operations staff.

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    As a remote, instructor-led training, this is delivered in two 3-hour sessions, with hands-on exercises assigned as homework to be done between the training sessions.

  • check blue Prerequisites

    No prior knowledge of Apache Flink is required.

    You will need a notebook with at least 8 GB RAM and Docker installed.

Course Content

  • Intro to Stateful and Timely Streaming with Flink
  • Flink’s Runtime Architecture
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Managing Flink: the CLI, WebUI, and REST API
  • Metrics, Monitoring, and Alerting
  • Scaling: Configuring and Managing State Backends and Checkpointing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Deployment
  • Application Evolution
  • Filesystems