Flink Powered Customer Experience: Scaling from 5 Billion down to One

What turns a simple interaction into a great customer experience?  How do we transform a digital interaction into a personalized conversation?  Over the past year our team scaled a Customer Experience use case to process over 5 Billion data points per day using Apache Flink.  This presentation will show how Flink helps deliver a personalized, contextual interaction by scaling the solution down to one…the customer.


Dave Torok-1
Dave Torok

Dave Torok

Dave is an Enterprise Software Architect with over twenty-five years of technical leadership in the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare domains. Dave’s diverse experience ranges from engineering event-based and rule processing systems at “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) scale to building an autonomous-agent workplace simulation engine. At Comcast, Dave is a Distinguished Architect leading the end-to-end ingest, distributed compute, and machine learning pipeline architectures for Big Data applications supporting Customer Experience and Systems Engineering in both public and private cloud environments.