The Trade Desk's Year in Flink

At advertising technology leader, The Trade Desk, we built a data pipeline with three distinct large-scale products using Flink. The keynote gives you a peek into our journey, the lessons learned and offers some hard-won tips from the trenches. Most jobs were surprisingly simple to build. However, we'll deep-dive into one particularly challenging Flink job where we learned how to synchronise/union multiple streams, both in terms of asymmetric throughput and differing lateness/time.


Jonathan Miles - Headshot - 2014
Jonathan Miles
The Trade Desk

Jonathan Miles

Jon has been working with Flink and dAP inside The Trade Desk (TTD) since he met dA at this conference exactly one year ago. Prior to the TTD's Data Pipeline Team, Jon built custom Big Data pipelines and time-series analytic engines inside Microsoft's Shared Data group and Skype's Big Data team.