SQL Early Access Program

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SQL Early Access Program for Ververica Platform


Flink SQL is coming to Ververica Platform later this year! 

Over the last few months, we have been working to extend Ververica Platform to become an integrated environment for Flink SQL: from managing your tables, functions and catalogs through developing SQL scripts to operating & monitoring the derived continuous queries. We would now like to invite and involve the wider Apache Flink community in our development process through our early access program.


What can you expect from the SQL Early Access Program?

Selected companies and partners will receive early access to our product offering around Flink SQL before it becomes generally-available later this year. Additionally, selected parties will benefit from direct access to Ververica’s product team and will have a direct impact on the roadmap of Flink SQL on Ververica Platform. Some of the specific benefits throughout the program duration are:

     ☑️ Pre-release access to Ververica Platform SQL including regular product updates

     ☑️Direct access to Ververica’s product team and regular feedback sessions

     ☑️ Shared Slack channel for Q&A, feedback and support

We look forward to receiving your application for our early access program below and hearing more about the data processing challenges that you would like to address with Flink SQL and Ververica Platform in the coming months!



A Sneak Peek into Flink SQL with Ververica Platform

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The SQL Early Access Program at a Glance

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