• Level Level

    IntermediateStandard Training

  • Description Description

    A hands-on, in-depth introduction to stream processing and Apache Flink, this course emphasizes those features of Flink that make it easy to build and manage accurate, fault tolerant applications on streams.

  • Duration Duration

    This one-day course is often combined with the Advanced Training Course for a complete two-day introduction to Apache Flink.

  • Prerequisites Prerequisites

    You’ll need your own laptop, and you’ll be writing some one-page Java or Scala applications using the IntelliJ IDE. No prior knowledge of Apache Flink is required.

Standard training course content

  • Introduction
  • Stateful stream processing
  • Time and watermarks
  • Windows
  • Event-driven applications
  • The connector ecosystem
  • Fault tolerance and exactly-once guarantees

After this training you will know:

  • How to develop and execute Flink applications
  • When local state is needed, and how to use and manage it
  • How to work with both event time and processing time
  • How to use Flink’s flexible windowing abstractions
  • How to build accurate, robust, event-driven applications with Flink
  • How to use savepoints to manage deployments and upgrades