Ververica Startup License

The Ververica Startup License program is an initiative that gives access to state-of-the-art stream processing technology powered by Apache Flink.

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Program Overview

The Ververica Startup License Program is a new initiative that brings Ververica Platform to early-stage startups eager to tackle real time data problems from day one. The program delivers access to technology, go-to-market and community building opportunities and provides unique benefits that help startups build and deploy data-driven applications at scale.

Who is Elegible?

Is your startup eligible for the Ververica Startup License Program? 


We encourage you to sign up if your startup: 

  • has 50 or fewer employees
  • is interested in participating in co-branding and marketing opportunities


Access to Ververica Platform Stream Edition


Approved startups can use the Stream Edition of Ververica Platform at an exclusive rate

Check out the edition benefits.

Work with Ververica’s Engineering teams


Benefit from access to Ververica’s engineers through our Bronze tier support level: learn how to best build, deploy and run stateful streaming applications at scale.

Featured success story and marketing opportunities


Eligible startups gain worldwide exposure by participating in a joint customer success story with Ververica as well as other marketing and joint event opportunities.

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Ververica Platform

Ververica Platform is a production-ready stream processing platform powered by open source Apache Flink®.


Ververica Platform enables the modern enterprise to build, operate, and run streaming applications in a secure, frictionless, scalable, and cost-efficient manner. The Platform allows you to harness the power of stream processing and start building streaming applications in a matter of days.

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