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    Serializable ACID Transactions on Streaming Data

    Ververica Streaming Ledger, available in the River Edition of Ververica Platform, works as a library for processing event streams across multiple shared states/ tables with serializable ACID semantics.

    Ververica Platform provides a highly efficient, scalable runtime for the streaming ledger, to execute millions of transactions per second on the Flink streaming engine. It relies on a patent-pending technology for efficient scheduling of state accesses.

    This allows the implementation of use cases going beyond today’s exactly-once processing, accessing multiple states in an atomic, consistent way. For example, workloads currently running on traditional database systems, financial transaction processing, and multiway joins.


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    No-compromise, scalable transaction processing

    Mission-critical workloads, such as financial data or logistics, require serializable ACID semantics for data processing. Ververica Streaming Ledger can now execute such use-cases on Ververica Platform while providing the highest class of correctness guarantees for multi-state access.
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    Application development with build-in data consistency

    Ververica Streaming Ledger allows users to develop streaming applications requiring consistent access to multiple states in an intuitive, modern way. Rather than worrying about consistency models, programmers can focus on application logic.
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    Parallel, distributed execution of streaming transactions

    Until now, it hasn't been possible to scale transaction processing across large, distributed clusters. Ververica Streaming Ledger features a patent-pending conflict-free scheduling mechanism for efficient execution of transactions, in parallel and at scale.

    How does it work?

    • Transactions on Streams
      Transactions on Streams

    Ververica Streaming Ledger is available in two components:

    – An open source API, available on GitHub, including a non-parallel runner for local development and testing.
    – A runner for distributed, scalable execution on clusters.

    The parallel runner, available in Ververica Platform, relies on technology different from the transaction processing techniques used by traditional database management systems. The implementation uses neither distributed locks nor multi-version concurrency control with conflict detection.
    Ververica Streaming Ledger achieves high pipelined throughput with the use of conflict-free scheduling of state access and lightweight logical clocks.

    More details about the performance and how it’s achieved are available in the whitepaper.

    Ververica Streaming Ledger: Use Cases

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    Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

    Maintaining a real-time market position across the organization in order to manage risk and continuously and accurately report to regulators using the latest data is crucial for the modern financial services industry.

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    Back Office Operations in Financial Services

    Streaming Ledger is an excellent fit for consolidating and keeping a consistent ground truth of data that comes from a variety of disparate front-office data sources. All in real-time with transactional guarantee.

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    Inventory Management

    Streaming Ledger serves as a great solution for consistent and accurate bookkeeping of inventories for companies from the logistics and e-commerce industries.

    Interested in more use cases? Download the Whitepaper »

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