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Learn from the Original Creators of Apache Flink®

Introducing Apache Flink 1.15 - New Feature Walkthrough

Recently we released Apache Flink 1.15, the latest version of the open-source stream processing platform.

Apache Flink is the foundation for many of the largest stream processing systems in the world, and in this release, we’ve made it easier to operate Flink, expanded streaming SQL support, and added new interoperability features.


Watch Joe Moser, Head of Engineering, introduce you to the new features in Apache 1.15. New and experienced Flink developers alike learn new techniques for building and operating Apache Flink applications.

Joe Moser will cover the following:

  • Flink 1.15 release objectives - Ease of Operations, Unification of Stream and Batch, Streaming SQL, Community Enablement
  • 1.15 Enhancements:
    • Checkpoint & snapshots
    • Adaptive Scheduler 
    • Flink SQL - JSON functions, Window TVFs, SQL version upgrade
    • Connector testing framework
    • New connectors - Pulsar, Elasticsearch, and others
  • Upgrading to 1.15 - what you need to know
  • Flink roadmap - what’s coming next 

About our Speaker


Johannes Moser (Joe) studied at TU Wien and even made it through formal methods in computer science. He has been leading engineering teams all of his career with a good tradition of being the least technical person in the engineering department. Recently he has been working with big data technologies building CrateDB - a distributed SQL database - and Apache Flink - a unified data processor. Outside of work, Joe is a keen skiier.

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