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Ververica Platform is an integrated platform for stateful stream processing and streaming analytics powered by Apache Flink.

We have built Ververica Platform to cater for organizations with different needs and levels of stream processing adoption. Whether you are new to Apache Flink or already use it in production, Ververica Platform will simplify your stream processing infrastructure and make operations safer and more scalable.

If you are looking for an easy way to start with Apache Flink that lets you run your applications in a highly-available runtime within minutes, Ververica Platform Community Edition is your choice. Choose Ververica Platform Stream Edition if you are looking to roll out Ververica Platform across multiple teams, benefit from advanced features like auto-scaling for Apache Flink or receive long-term support by the original creators of Apache Flink.

Ververica Platform
Community Edition

  • The easiest way to get started with Apache Flink
  • An integrated platform for development & operations of Flink SQL
  • Application lifecycle management for Apache Flink
  • Free of charge & free for commercial use

Ververica Platform
Community Edition

ververica-enterprise-edition (1) copy-1
  • Enterprise-grade stream processing with Apache Flink
  • SLA-driven support by the Original Creators of Apache Flink
  • Multi-Tenancy, Authentication & Role-Based Access Control
  • Auto-Scaling for Apache Flink

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