Ververica Stream Alliance Program

Ververica enables partners to expand their product and service offering with best-in-class real-time data stream processing

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Consulting Partner

Partners offering consulting services that include aspects of big data, data infrastructure or data architecture, can leverage the expertise of the original creators of Apache Flink, to elevate their portfolio to the next level by including real-time data stream processing competence.


Technology Partner

Companies incorporating best-in-class stream processing technology with Ververica Platform into their portfolio or go-to-market approach can benefit from engaging the original creators of Apache Flink, to leverage real-time data stream processing competence from the core.


Cloud Partner

Cloud Providers interested to offer Flink or Ververica Platform cloud services will benefit from first hand access to expertise to position and streamline their offering.


  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Cloud
Consulting Technology Cloud
Invest $2000 - -
Training Min 4 People Advanced Training - -
Commitment Min 1 Active Flink Contributor Min 1 Commit/ per year - -
Marketing Min 2 Meetups or Talk/ per year | Min 2 People Attending Flink Forward/ per year Mutual Blog Post | Mutual Webinar | Mutual Discounted Sponsorship Mutual Blog Post | Mutual Webinar
Sales Min 2 Flink based Service Engagements/ per year Ververica Product Integrated Flink Managed Services


  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Cloud
Consulting Technology Cloud


Flink Public Training 5 6 -
Flink Forward Training 2 - -


Ververica Demo Licenses NFR
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