Ververica Platform Editions

Enabling companies to run in real-time.

Ververica Platform Editions

  • Ververica Platform
    Community Edition
  • Ververica Platform
    Stream Edition
Ververica Platform
Community Edition
Ververica Platform
Stream Edition
Price Free See license programs
License Community Edition License Commercial License
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Application Development

DataStream API & Table API
ANSI SQL for Bounded & Unbounded Data
Complex Event Processing


Web User Interface & REST API
Stateful Upgrades, Migrations, Rollbacks
Configuration and Metadata Management
Artifact Management
Namespaces 1 Unlimited

Enterprise Security & Operations

Managed Deployment of Flink on Kubernetes
Auto-Scaling for Apache Flink
Kubernetes-Based Flink Master Failover
Authentication with OpenID Connect
Authentication with API Tokens
Flexible Role-Based Access Control
Platform State Storage Local Database only Remote or Local Database

Ververica License Programs

  • Development License
  • Startup License
  • Enterprise License
Development License Startup License Enterprise License
Description The Ververica Development License Program brings Ververica Platform to early-stage adopters of stream processing and Apache Flink. It enables companies and teams to start with the right tools from day one, streamline their adoption, apply best practices, and ultimately save time and resources while getting them into production faster. The Ververica Startup License Program brings Ververica Platform to early-stage startups eager to tackle real-time data problems from day one. The program delivers access to technology, go-to-market and community-building opportunities. It provides unique benefits that help startups build and deploy data-driven applications at scale. The Ververica Enterprise License Program gives full-blown access to Ververica Platform and Enterprise Support by the original creators of Apache Flink, enabling every enterprise to harness the power of the same stream processing technology used by market-leading companies.
Eligibility Organizations that aim to develop streaming applications but not yet move them to production Startups with fewer than 50 employees that are interested in participating in co-branding and marketing activities All enterprises
Production Use
Support Level Bronze Bronze Silver, Gold, Platinum
Access Contact Sales Contact Sales Contact Sales

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