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Ververica Cloud, a fully-managed cloud service for stream processing!

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Ververica Platform Case Study with

Building a platform to provide Security-as-a-Service. Delivering streaming-in security related data for processing, a leading travel ecosystem serving both partners and travelers, faced challenges with processing security data streams and orchestrating Flink applications with stateful upgrades and multi-tenancy requirements. Their previous approach proved cumbersome and inadequate for their needs.

To address these issues, selected Ververica Platform to overcome their challenges. The decision to choose Ververica was driven by its ability to enable's security teams to manage their own Flink applications independently, freeing up the Platform team to focus on maintaining the overall solution. 

Download the case study to discover how Ververica supported in achieving the following:

  • Instant short-term wins that reduced downtime and quicker issue resolution
  • The ability to scale jobs, leading to operational efficiency 
  • Reduced deployment time and stateful upgrade time; from hours to a matter of minutes 
  • Invaluable support for’s internal team, offering fast response times and access to Flink experts for guidance and assistance.

Overall, Ververica Platform proved to be an effective and transformative solution for, providing seamless Flink application lifecycle management, scalability, and improved operational efficiency, ultimately enabling a more secure and reliable experience for their users and partners.

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