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Ververica Platform Success Story:
One Mount Group

Detecting fraudulent transactions in real-time for VinID, Vietnam’s consumer application trusted by millions of users.

One Mount Group leverages Ververica Platform and Apache Flink for real-time fraud detection for its consumer application VinID. 

By utilizing Ververica Platform, One Mount Group set up a Platform-as-a-Service offering for Apache Flink to enable the company’s tech team to deploy and manage its Flink applications easily.

For example, its Flink-powered rules engine for VinID is primarily based on hundreds of conditions, performing real-time fraud detection for millions of financial transactions performed by its customers.

Using Ververica Platform empowers the company's internal teams by providing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for Apache Flink. This has enabled operational efficiency and standardized the deployment and operation of Flink jobs across the organization.

Ververica platform Case Study One Mount group
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Millions of users in Vietnam

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Processing millions of e-wallet,e-invoice payments daily

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Real-time fraud detectionwith Ververica Platform

What you will learn

By downloading the case, you will discover how One Mount Group:

  ✔️Ensures the scalability and high availability requirements for its services with Ververica Platform and Apache Flink

  ✔️Standardizes the development and operational management of streaming applications in the organization 

  ✔️Empowers the technology organization by providing an internal Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for Apache Flink

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