Real-time processing and online Machine Learning at Weibo with Apache Flink & Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud

Learn how Weibo uses Apache Flink and Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud to unify offline and online data processing and run Machine Learning pipelines at scale.


This case study presents how social networking platform Weibo uses Apache Flink and Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud (Real Time Compute) to run real time data processing and Machine Learning on their platform.


In the different sections of the case study, the platform is introduced and its architecture revealed, with a focus on how Machine Learning pipelines are developed in real-time using Apache Flink and Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud. There is further insight into the company’s plans for the future of Flink’s usage at Weibo, and how the adoption of open source technology has been for the organisation overall.




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