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Monitoring Large-Scale Apache Flink Applications

For mission-critical stream processing applications running on Apache Flink, performance monitoring is an important part of a successful deployment. It gives you a complete understanding of its applications’ status at any given point in time so you can identify and resolve degradation issues as quickly as possible.

Please join us on Wednesday, March 2nd (12pm EST / 6pm CET) to hear Apache Flink expert, Nico Kruber, share his experiences building and operating monitoring systems for large-scale Apache Flink applications. Nico will cover the following topics:

  • Apache Flink metrics system - which matters most

  • Monitoring system health

  • Monitoring throughput and latency

  • Monitoring resource utilization

  • Identifying bottlenecks & backpressure

  • Monitoring toolset


About Nico Kruber

Nico-Kruber 400 400

Nico Kruber is an Apache Flink committer working as Head of Solution Architecture at Ververica, helping clients and the open-source community get the most out of Apache Flink. For this, Nico can leverage his in-depth knowledge of Flink, Ververica Platform, and the expertise of his colleagues at Ververica and Alibaba. Nico holds a PhD in computer science from his research on parallel and distributed systems at the Zuse Institute Berlin, where he developed a transactional key-value store.

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