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Ververica Cloud, a fully-managed cloud service for stream processing!

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Enterprise Stream Processing & Analytics

By the original creators of Apache Flink®

Stream Processing for Real-time business leaders

Ververica Cloud

Building your streaming analytics applications has never been easier and faster than with Ververica Cloud, a fully-managed cloud-native service for real-time data processing. Effortlessly develop and deploy your applications in the cloud, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Leverage its ultra-fast performance, fault tolerance, elasticity, and data connectivity along with the built-in SQL editor to create your real-time applications for security, IoT, analytics, machine learning, and more.

Based on Apache Flink, an industry-standard framework for stream processing, used by tech giants such as Uber, Ebay, Alibaba, and more.

Sign up for FREE to Ververica Cloud, and we will credit your account with $400 in usage credits automatically*

*The $400 credit is exclusively applicable to the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan and must be utilized within a 30-day period. After this timeframe, the credits will expire.

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Ververica Platform

The Enterprise Stream Processing Platform available on-premise or in the private cloud.

Enjoy the ultimate security and data protection by keeping your streaming analytics in-house. Ververica Platform drastically simplifies streaming apps’ development and operations, enabling enterprises to derive immediate insight from their data in real-time, with privacy.

Powered by Apache Flink's robust streaming runtime, Ververica Platform makes this possible by providing an integrated solution for stateful stream processing and streaming analytics at scale.

Ververica Provides



Ultra-high performance cloud-native service for real-time data processing based on Apache Flink



Integrated platform for stateful stream processing & analytics with Apache Flink.


Apache Flink

Build & deploy with confidence backed by Ververica’s Apache Flink experts.


Apache Flink

Learn from the original creators of Apache Flink®

Get Started using Ververica solutions with Apache Flink

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Fully managed cloud native service

  • Ultra-high performance cloud-native service for real-time stream processing and analytics
  • Easy deployment and management of your Flink apps without worrying about the underlying  infrastructure
  • Seamless operations with end-to-end automatic fault recovery and fault-tolerance
  • Flexible pricing: Pay as you go or Reserve Capacity to cover any business use case
Ververica platform - all white

Self-managed software

  • An integrated platform for development & operations of Flink SQL
  • On-premise or private cloud deployment
  • Application lifecycle management for Apache Flink
  • SLA-driven support by the Original Creators of Apache Flink
  • Multi-Tenancy, Authentication & Role-Based Access Control