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Ververica Cloud, a fully-managed cloud service for stream processing!

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Ververica Cloud

Unified and simple pricing model

$400 credits for start
Easy to start with
Easy to scale
No credit card required to start
Usage based billing
Ultra high performance
Private connections
Pay as you go
Reserved Capacity (7)
Starting from
$0 / month
$1,357.80 / month
(20 CU / month)(8)

Compute Unit Price / hour (4), (5)

$0.15 - $0.18 / hour
(1 CU / hour)
$1.86 - $2.06 / hour
(20 CU / hour)
$2.73 - $3.01 / hour
(30 CU / hour)
$4.46 - $4.91 / hour
(50 CU / hour)

Network Transfer Price (1 GB) (6)

$0.15 - $0.16
$0.15 - $0.16
Private connections
Billed monthly.
Based on consumed units.
Billed monthly.
Billed based on reserved CUs and consumed NTUs.

(1) All prices shown are in USD currency.

(2) Prices may differ between cloud provider regions.

(3) Value Added and Sales Tax are not included in the price.

(4) Compute Unit (CU) represents compute processing and memory consumption

(5) For any custom number of Compute Units please contact sales

(6) Network Transfer (NTU) represents all types of networking (ingress/egress) consumption.

(7) Reserved capacity offering is billed for complete reserved capacity (for more details see Offerings page).

(8) The price per month is an estimation based on having allocated Reserved Capacity of 20 CUs for duration of 730 hours.


Performance and cost

  • VERA (Ververica Runtime Assembly), ultra high performance and cloud native engine, up to 2x faster than open source Apache Flink®*
  • Autopilot functionality, full elasticity to scale up and down resources without over-provisioning. 
  • Fine-grained resources management and configurations (compute and memory).
  • Usage based billing, pay only for the used resources. 
  • Built-in dashboard to monitor your resource consumption and get real time usage cost and cost estimates. 
  • Continuous automatic no-touch updates
  • Mix and match any offering type, pay as you go or reserve capacity to cover any business use case.

Featured capabilities

  • Change Data Capture (CDC) capability for seamless real-time data databases synchronization.
  • Enterprise-grade Complex Event Processing (CEP) with on-the-fly rule configuration changes. 
  • 20+ data connectors as sources and destinations to connect to many systems or applications. 
  • Collaborate between different workspaces within your organization by inviting users

Development flexibility

  • Effortlessly create and manage Flink applications in SQL, Java, and Python.
  • Support for the development and deployment of Flink Machine Learning (ML) applications.
  • Unified batch and streaming data processing for application development.
  • User Defined Functions (UDFs) for increased development flexibility
  • Support for custom catalogs, connectors and formats
  • 20+ Flink SQL templates for easy Flink SQL applications development onboarding. 
  • Session clusters for easily deploying and debugging applications on demand.

Operational efficiency

  • Easy application deployment and management in a simple to use UI.
  • Dynamic modification of deployment configuration with zero downtime. 
  • End-to-end automatic fault recovery and fault-tolerance to prevent single points of failure.
  • Fast single-node fault recovery to ensure data consistency and service continuity.
  • Smart diagnosis for keeping your applications healthy and performant.
  • Built-in monitoring with deployment metrics and access to logs for easy application debugging.

Data governance and security

  • Built-in data lineage capability to search, navigate and visualize ETL data.
  • Private connections to securely connect to your cloud services. 
  • Support for data catalogs for simplified metadata management.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for enhanced access control of your resources and data. 
  • Environment isolation, multiple isolated working spaces for all build and delivery stages, including production.


When your workspace creation order succeeds for Reserved Capacity offering, Ververica Cloud allocates and reserves all of CU resources your requested in your order, at that moment. The exact amount of resources you requested to be reserved (dedicated) remains dedicated exclusively for you through the whole lifecycle of your workspace. Only upon deletion of your workspace CU resources reservation is released. With Pay-as-you-go offering type, for comparison, CU resources are allocated and released continuously as you use your PAYG workspaces, which may lead to situation where your resources may fail to be allocated while you are using your workspace, thus not guaranteed through whole workspace lifecycle.

Yes. You can have all types of offerings in one account, attached to different workspaces. You can choose what kind of offering you want when create a workspace.

Every registered user is eligible to enter a Free Trial period of 30 days. Start Free Credit is also provided, expiring at the end of the month following the month in which user registers. Free Trial is limited to Pay-as-you-go offering type, without any limitation in provided features. Resources during Free Trial are limited. Please refer to our documentation for further information.

In order to get custom discounts (e.g. based on volume of capacity) or custom promotions for your offerings please contact

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