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Ververica Platform Success Story: XM Cyber

Building a robust multi-tenant platform for the future of tomorrow.

About the Case Study

Superior security and performance with fast turnaround consultation for support in adapting to changes with Ververica Platform.

XM Cyber, a leading hybrid cloud security company founded by top executives from the Israeli cyber intelligence community, is a technology leader in its approach to cyber risk. XM Cyber utilizes its Apache Flink® (Flink) applications to ensure unlimited scaling for customers, in real-time, regardless of data volumes (up to 1 terabyte every 24 hours for each of its customers).

When deciding how to deploy a multi-tenant Flink architecture with the capability to scale, XM Cyber turned to Ververica, the Original Creators of Apache Flink®, and its solution, Ververica Platform, to help manage the Flink jobs that form part of its industry-leading security solutions.

Real-time stream processing is critical for XM Cyber to maintain high performance and security within its Cyber Security solutions. Utilizing stream processing enables XM Cyber to respond to data changes and potential threats before they happen. Integrated with Ververica Platform, XM Cyber’s streaming architecture has evolved to be a true multi-tenant model. 

Download the case study to discover how Ververica Platform supported XM Cyber in achieving:

  • Unlimited flexibility and scaling - handling terabytes of data from it’s customers
  • The low latency requirement without resource over allocation
  • Reduced running costs and engineering overheads and more

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