Apache Flink Operations
with Ververica Platform

Deployment, Lifecycle Management and Autoscaling for Apache Flink

Ververica Platform makes Flink operations more efficient, scalable and secure from day one. As the original creators of Apache Flink we have helped some of the largest data-driven companies in the world through their journey of successfully deploying Apache Flink in production. Ververica Platform makes their lessons-learned and best practices available to everyone!


On the one hand, deploying and managing distributed, stateful streaming applications has a different set of operational needs compared with the classical two-tiered architectures. On the other hand, cross-cutting concerns like resource efficiency & capacity planning, or access control & encryption have become as important to Apache Flink applications as they are for any other data processing system. Ververica Platform addresses all of these challenges.


Ververica Platform Autopilot

Stream processing applications are long-running, and continuous by nature. As such, their workload usually varies greatly over their lifetime. Ververica Platform Autopilot continuously monitors your applications and tries to converge to a resource configuration that is backpressure-free while at the same time  minimizing excess capacity.

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Enterprise Security

Ververica Platform complements Apache Flink with enterprise-grade security capabilities such as:


Application Lifecycle Management

Based on the desired state of your Apache Flink application, Ververica Platform transparently and securely manages application code, configuration and framework upgrades. It provides flexible upgrade and restore strategies as well as the ability to fork applications along with their embedded state.



Ververica Platform Namespaces let you share the platform between multiple teams, applications or use cases in a secure and easy way. Logging profiles and deployment defaults make it easy to distribute best practices within the organization while preserving the autonomy of your teams.



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