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Apache Flink & Ververica Platform Use Cases

Find out how organizations across every industry and size use Apache Flink and Ververica Platform for their stream processing needs.

Ververica Platform & Apache Flink Users

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Ververica Platform

Building a platform to provide Security-as-a-Service., a leading travel ecosystem serving both partners and travelers, faced challenges with processing security data streams and orchestrating Flink applications with stateful upgrades and multi-tenancy requirements.
Ververica Platform

Building a robust multi-tenant platform for the future of tomorrow with Ververica Platform and XM Cyber.

Superior security and performance with fast turnaround consultation for support in adapting to changes with Ververica Platform.

Ververica Platform

Detecting fraudulent transactions in real-time for VinID, Vietnam’s consumer application trusted by millions of users.

By utilizing Ververica Platform, One Mount Group set up a Platform-as-a-Service offering for Apache Flink to enable the company’s tech team to deploy and manage its Flink applications easily.
Machine Learning

Real-time processing and online Machine Learning at Weibo with Apache Flink & Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud

Learn how Weibo uses Apache Flink and Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud to run real-time data processing and Machine Learning on their platform.
Data platforms

Improving online education live broadcast interaction in real-time

VIPkid uses Ververica Platform on Alibaba Cloud to provide real-time feedback on learning experiences and efficiently optimize the quality of their online courses.
Data platforms

How Intuit Built a Self-serve Stream Processing Platform with Flink

Intuit used Apache Flink as the primary stream processing engine in its self-serve stream processing platform. Apache Flink is a critical component in performing real time data processing for the technology company.
Machine Learning

Flink-powered model serving & real-time feature generation at Razorpay

Razorpay uses Apache Flink in its 'Mitra' data platform to deliver machine learning models and perform real time feature generation at scale
Machine Learning

Data-driven Matchmaking at Azar with Apache Flink

Hyperconnect, the creators of matchmaking app Azar, built a distributed, streaming architecture for Azar's Matchmaking service that performs real-time machine learning, powered by Apache Flink.
Ververica Platform

Dynamic risk assessment models and real-time pricing for the insurance industry with Flink uses Ververica Platform and Apache Flink to build a Machine Learning-based platform producing dynamic risk assessment models and real-time pricing for tomorrow’s insurance industry.
Machine Learning

Flink for online Machine Learning and real-time processing at Weibo

Weibo uses Apache Flink to develop real-time Machine Learning pipelines and perform multi-stream joins at scale.
Streaming Pipelines

How GoDaddy uses Flink to run real time streaming pipelines

GoDaddy's developed a streaming data platform and chose Apache Flink as the underlying streaming engine for the company's streaming data pipelines.
Real-time Analytics

Application Log Intelligence & Performance Insight at Salesforce using Flink

Salesforce uses Apache Flink for intelligent log analysis and performance engineering insights at large scale.
Ververica Platform

Powering the finance industry of tomorrow with real time data

FinTech Studios leverages Ververica Platform and Apache Flink to ingest millions of research, news & regulatory sources in real-time and build an AI-based intelligent search and analytics platform for financial services professionals.
Data platforms

How SK telecom democratizes streaming data with FLOW and Flink

FLOW is an abstraction layer on top of Flink allowing teams at SK telecom to submit their data using SQL, and build streaming pipelines with Apache Flink.
Fraud Detection

Replayable Process Functions: Time, Ordering, and Timers

Bird uses Flink to detect when scooters go offline using Apache Flink's event time, watermarks, and ordering.
Real-time Analytics

Real-time Experiment Analytics at Pinterest using Apache Flink

The team at Pinterest developed a real-time experimentation platform for running experiment analytics using Apache Flink.
Machine Learning

How Yelp uses Flink for predicting store visits in real time

The User Location Intelligence team at Yelp leverages Apache Flink for online Machine Learning models, predicting real-time store visits at scale.
Real-time Analytics

Stream processing with High Cardinality and Large State at Klaviyo

Klaviyo leverages Apache Flink to scale the company’s real-time analytics system that deduplicates over a million events and updates over a million counters per second.
Event-driven Applications

Using Apache Flink for Smart Cities: the case of Warsaw

The city of Warsaw used Apache Flink to build two main components of the VaVeL project, namely the Vehicle Movement Analyser and Vehicle Delay Prediction System.
Streaming Pipelines

How Trackunit leverages Flink to process real-time data from industrial IoT devices

Trackunit leverages Apache Flink as the stream processing framework of choice to build data pipelines for fleet management operations in the construction industry.
Real-time Analytics

How Kcell and GetInData built a stream analytics platform using Apache Flink® as a core component.

Kcell and GetInData developed a real time, stream analytics platform using Apache Flink® as a core component.
Fraud Detection

StreamING Machine Learning Models: How ING Adds Fraud Detection Models at Runtime with Apache Flink®

ING protects its banking customers with fraud detection powered by Apache Flink, adding new fraud detection models in real time with no downtime.
Event-driven Applications

Dynamically Configured Stream Processing: How BetterCloud Built an Alerting System with Apache Flink®

BetterCloud offers its customers a dynamic alerting system with Apache Flink.
Data platforms

Oceanus: A one-stop platform for real time stream processing powered by Apache Flink

To satisfy the need for accessible real-time stream processing, Tencent built Oceanus, a one-stop platform for real-time stream processing. Oceanus deploys Apache Flink as its execution engine, hence realizing the benefits brought by Flink.
Data platforms

Uber Introduces Open Source AthenaX, A Streaming SQL Platform Powered By Apache Flink®

Streaming SQL with Apache Flink takes another step forward as Uber introduces its open source AthenaX platform for streaming SQL powered by Flink.

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