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Deep Dive on Apache Flink State

Apache Flink is a world-class stateful stream processor presents a huge variety of optional features and configuration choices to the user. Determining out the optimal choice for any production environment and use-case be challenging. In this talk, we will explore and discuss the universe of Flink configuration with respect to state and state backends.

We will start with a closer look under the hood, at core data structures and algorithms, to build the foundation for understanding the impact of tuning parameters and the costs-benefit-tradeoffs that come with certain features and options. In particular, we will focus on state backend choices (Heap vs RocksDB), tuning checkpointing (incremental checkpoints, ...) and recovery (local recovery), serializers and Apache Flink's new state migration capabilities.


About Seth Wiesman

Seth Wiesman

Seth Wiesman is a Solutions Architect at Ververica, where he works with engineering teams inside of various organizations to build the best possible stream processing architecture for their use cases.

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