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Why not real-time? The state of streaming in 2022 

The prevalence and popularity of Streaming technology have grown enormously over the past few years, flourishing alongside increased interest in the ’Cloud’, the ‘Internet of Things, and ‘5G’. Due to these technologies, exponentially more streaming data is available to most organisations. Moreover, processing that data in real-time is increasingly the de facto standard. More and more companies – let alone consumers – aren’t asking “why should we do this in real-time?”, but rather “why shouldn’t we?”. In short, streaming is fast becoming an essential enterprise capability.

In this presentation, Research Director, Philip Howard will expand on this topic by presenting his latest findings on both individual stream processing solutions and the streaming space as a whole. We will do a deep dive into:

  • A description of the market landscape; an evaluation of the trends within it
  • Provide insights on how to evaluate streaming offerings for adoption into your organisation.

It will be followed up by a discussion, led by Martijn Visser (Senior Product Manager, Veverica), on Ververica’s stream processing solution, and how it speaks to the topics raised by Philip's research. 


About our speakers

Philip Howard

Philip Howard, Bloor

Philip’s background spans across a wide range of roles, including: Systems Analyst, Programmer, as well as roles within Marketing and Product Management. From there, Philip then went on to building his own company in 1992, of which Bloor Research (then ButlerBloor), was his first client. With Philip working for the company as an Associate Analyst. His relationship with Bloor Research has continued since that time and he is now Research Director, focused on Information Management. Philip has contributed to various magazines and a number of written reports for various companies, including CMI and The Financial Times.

Martjin Visser-1

Martijn Visser, Ververica

Martijn Visser is Senior Product Manager at Ververica, where he's responsible for the SQL and SDK teams. Before joining Ververica, he worked as Product Lead at ING where he was responsible for the product development of ING's real-time streaming analytics and engagement platform.

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