Announcing the Ververica Stream Alliance Program

September 18, 2019 | by Ververica Press Office

Earlier this year we announced the pre-registration to our Ververica Partner Program. After an overwhelming number of organizations expressed their interest to join Ververica’s partner ecosystem, we are excited to introduce our extended partner initiative today, which will be established as Ververica Stream Alliance Program

Ververica Stream Alliance Program

With the Ververica Stream Alliance Program, we continue our journey to foster and grow the adoption of event stream processing with the opportunity to join an exclusive ecosystem of partners working towards the same goal: Bringing event stream processing and Apache Flink to the enterprise and showcasing the power of real time data processing around the world. Our partners will leverage each other’s strengths, use synergies and collaborate with the original creators of Apache Flink with the ultimate goal of accelerating real time data processing adoption for the modern enterprise.

Our brand new Stream Alliance scheme offers partners across all sizes and geographies the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with Ververica and expand their product and service offerings with best-in-class stream processing. The extended Ververica Stream Alliance Program now includes three partner categories:





Partners offering consulting services that include aspects of big data, data infrastructure or data architecture, can benefit from the expertise of the original creators of Apache Flink, to elevate their services to the next level by including real-time data stream processing competencies.


Joining the Ververica Stream Alliance Program is a great opportunity for us to provide world class consulting services and enable companies of all sizes and industries to step up their stream processing game.”
Adam Kawa, CEO and Co-founder - GetInData






Companies incorporating best-in-class stream processing technology with Ververica Platform into their portfolio or go-to-market approach can exclusively engage the original creators of Apache Flink and embed Ververica Platform into their product portfolio to extend their offering with real-time data stream processing competence from the core.


“The Ververica Platform fully handles the management of Flink at enterprise scale, allowing our team to focus most exclusively on our Cogynt product and its differentiating value.”
Stuart Booth, COO - Cogility






Cloud Providers interested in providing a Flink-based product or Ververica Platform cloud services can now get first-hand access to expertise from the original creators of the technology framework


“We are very excited to be working with the Ververica team to bring stream processing and Apache Flink to some of the largest organizations globally. As the volume of real-time data explodes, there is a strong demand for enterprises to adopt stream processing, and we are excited to be right in the middle of a true digital transformation era for our customers and partners.”
Jia Yangqing, President and Senior Fellow of Data Platform - Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Investing in stream processing education and training

Competence is a critical element for partners to differentiate their position in the market and provide the foundations to consult and deploy innovative stream processing solutions. Ververica is heavily investing in partner education and training, technology integration and first-hand guidance to partners in multiple formats, such as:

  • Partner attendance in training courses organized by Ververica 

  • Exclusive co-branding and co-marketing opportunities

  • Joint events and conferences worldwide

  • Personalized guidance with meetup organization and community engagement efforts

  • Exclusive support with content creation and dissemination, fostering stream processing best practices and latest developments around Apache Flink

The introduction of the Ververica Stream Alliance Program marks a significant milestone as we bring stream processing to the enterprise at an ever-growing pace and invite a wider set of partners to join our efforts in fostering the open source Apache Flink framework and accelerate real time data processing globally. 

We invite you to join our exciting journey and bring your product and service offerings to new horizons for innovative data processing applications and mission-critical developments across enterprises of all industries and sizes! 

Find out more information about our partner categories or contact us for more information!


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