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Dirko Hay

Dirko Hay

Dirko has been at the forefront of analytics for the past three decades. From project managing some of the largest analytics projects in South Africa and abroad to data engineering and architecting some of the most complex advanced analytics projects. His ability to engage with a client at any level from boardroom to management, foresee potential pitfalls and advise clients on strategies to adopt the optimal roadmap, has set him apart in many instances in the analytics landscape in South Africa. He is currently CEO of StreamBurst, and CTO of Decisioneering, and spends his time researching, designing and implementing optimal solutions for clients, whether in the cloud or on-prem, leveraging partnerships with many different leading software and open-source backed vendors, as well as implementation partners to bring leading-edge solutions that drive cost down, increase revenue and optimize competitiveness
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by Dirko Hay March 09, 2021

Introducing StreamBurst as a Ververica Partner in South Africa

We are delighted to collaborate with Ververica and the original creators of Apache Flink to support our clients in South Africa with cutting edge real time streaming capabilities. 

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