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Luca Giovagnoli

Luca Giovagnoli

Luca works as a Software Engineer on the Core Machine Learning team at Yelp. He was previously at Yelp’s User Location Intelligence team where part of his job involved data mining massive data sets at Yelp. He was also responsible for designing and scaling the backend for analyzing high-volume geospatial data from millions of Yelp’s mobile users. He was previously the main open source contributor to Yelp’s asynchronous client Fido.
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by Luca Giovagnoli August 26, 2019

How Yelp uses Flink for predicting store visits in real time

I recently presented at Flink Forward San Francisco 2019 and showcased how the User Location Intelligence team at Yelp uses Apache Flink for predicting real-time store visits. In the following...

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