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Apache Flink® User Survey 2017: A Brief Summary

January 17, 2018

In November 2017, data Artisans conducted a second-annual Apache Flink user survey. There were a total of 217 responses, and the survey provided of lots of useful insights and feedback about Flink.At the end of 2017, we put out a press release...

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Announcing the 2017 Apache Flink User Survey: We Need Your Input!

November 07, 2017

data Artisans is excited to announce the second-annual Apache Flink user survey. We’re calling on all members of the Flink and stream processing community to give their input and to help to shape the future of Flink. The survey will take 5-10...

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Uber Introduces Open Source AthenaX, A Streaming SQL Platform Powered By Apache Flink®

October 10, 2017

Yesterday, the Uber engineering team introduced its open source AthenaX, a SQL-based and Apache Flink-powered streaming analytics platform. There’s a detailed announcement on the Uber engineering blog, and it’s full of sample use cases and sample...

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Flink Forward Berlin Preview: The Apache Flink Ecosystem

August 03, 2017

Hello, Apache Flink Community! A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a preview post highlighting Flink Forward Berlin sessions about use cases and applications.

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Flink Forward Berlin Preview: Flink Use Cases and Applications

July 20, 2017

Attention stream processing squirrels around the world! Flink Forward Berlin sessions were announced last week, and the program is outstanding. The topics range from production Flink use cases, to Apache Flink® internals, to the growth of the...

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Meet the Engineer: Aljoscha Krettek

July 13, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural post in our “Meet the Engineer” series, where we’ll introduce a member of the data Artisans team.

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Apache Flink® 1.3.0 and the Evolution of Stream Processing with Flink

June 01, 2017

It’s official: on June 1, the Apache Flink® community announced the release of Flink® 1.3.0. The announcement on the project site and the changelog provide detail on what’s included in the release. In this post, we’ll look instead at how 1.3.0...

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Dell/EMC Launches Open Source Pravega, Complete with Apache Flink® Connector

May 30, 2017

At Flink Forward San Francisco 2017, Srikanth Satya and Tom Kaitchuck of Dell/EMC announced Pravega, an open-source streaming storage system. If you'd like to learn more, the Flink Forward site has a link to both a recording of their...

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A Year of Blink at Alibaba: Apache Flink® in Large Scale Production

May 30, 2017

Earlier this month, Dataversity published a follow-up post from Xiaowei Jiang, a Senior Director on Alibaba's search infrastructure team, where he gave an update on his team's progress both with Blink (Alibaba's Apache Flink-based system) and...

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Flink Forward San Francisco 2017 Recap: On the State of Stream Processing with Apache Flink

May 05, 2017

Last month, the data Artisans team traveled to San Francisco, California to gather with the Apache Flink® and stream processing communities and to host the first-ever Flink Forward conference on the West Coast. We'd like to extend a...

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