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Flink Forward Berlin 2024: CFP Open!


You're invited to Flink Forward Berlin 2024, your conference for all things streaming data and Apache Flink®️, organized by Ververica!

Updates from the Organizers: Part 1 

Ververica is proud to be the organizer of Flink Forward events, and over the next few months, we'll be sharing a few blogs with updates as we count down to the big event. 

This year, Ververica and the Apache Flink Community have a lot to celebrate. First, let’s take a quick trip through the history of Flink together. It all began 10 years ago in Berlin, where the first lines of Flink code quickly became an Apache Software Foundation Project that was shared with the open-source community worldwide. In the decade since, Apache Flink has grown in popularity amongst developers and engineers across multiple industries worldwide. As the original creators of Flink, Ververica is proud of our legacy and support of the open-source community, and each year we’ve organized Flink Forward events to bring the community together.

Alexander Walden at Flink Forward Seattle 2023

Join the celebration as we return to Berlin, Germany where the Apache Flink and Ververica story began 10 years ago, and unlock the power of real time streaming data at Flink Forward 2024!


When: October 21-24th, 2024

Where: Berlin, Germany

Venue: Gasometer [EUREF Campus]

he Gasometer, this year’s venue for Flink Forward

Flink Forward Berlin 2024 is currently under construction as well, and there's a lot to be excited about, including:

  • 2 days of in-person expert Flink training courses
  • An extended program including 2 full conference days (by popular request!)
  • Flink Fest (arguably the best party in town)

Plenty of opportunities to network, learn, and talk about all things Flink and streaming data.

Jing Ge at Flink Forward Seattle 2023

You're Invited!

There are also many ways your participation will help make this year's Flink Forward a huge success, including:

  • Submitting a talk to present live.
  • Attending expert Apache Flink training at Flink Forward.
  • Sponsoring the event.
  • Networking with peers and the community at the conference in-person.

Learn more about Flink Forward and the opportunities available to speak and support the event below.

Become a Speaker: Call for Presentations Open NOW

Do you have a data streaming story to share? Submit your Flink and/or Ververica story and speak at the event! The Flink Forward stage offers a unique opportunity to connect with your peers and raise your profile in the rapidly growing and ever-popular Flink community. Submit your talk.

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

The Program Committee is on the hunt for Flink stories that are innovative, informative, or thought-provoking. Here are some suggestions based on previous events:

  • A Flink or Ververica success story or case study
  • Use cases, operations, tools, techniques, from the Flink ecosystem
  • A deep dive into technologies
  • Best practices and lessons learned
  • Anything else related to Flink that inspires the audience

Talks about all aspects of streaming technologies, event-driven applications, real time analytics, streaming architecture, and the management of mission critical Flink deployments and other real-time systems are welcome!

Interested in speaking?

Call for Presentations is now open! Submit prior to May 17th 2024 for consideration.

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

Need more information? Check out these recent interviews from several of our distinguished Program Committee Members to learn more about what they are looking for in session abstracts, or watch past recordings:

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

Sponsor Flink Forward

Stay tuned, the Sponsorship Prospectus will be available soon. Subscribe to be among the first to receive updates.

Training & Networking at Flink Forward

By popular demand, this year’s agenda includes 2 days of technical training, followed by an extended 2 days of speaker sessions. When asked what they like most about Flink Forward, past attendees responded:

“ has the highest concentration of Flink experts and users…”

“I like being able to attend a variety of talks with engaging presenters on many interesting topics.”

“The training materials are phenomenal!”

“Well-run conference. Plenty of space, comfortable surroundings, lots of opportunities to meet and network. The Flink community is awesome!”

“Great opportunity to learn and see which direction the Flink Community is going.”

“(I like hearing about) the business use cases and technology driven atmosphere.”

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

What is Flink Forward?

Flink Forward is your event for the latest technologies in streaming data and Apache Flink, organized by those who know it best - the original creators! Flink Forward is the only technical conference dedicated to the Apache Flink Community and is the must-attend event for developers, data architects, operators, data scientists and executives who are creating, building and benefit from data streaming platforms across their organizations. Featuring talks from recognizable brands transforming industries using streaming technology, Flink Forward is the premier forum for learning from, contributing to, and participating in the community that supports Apache Flink. Together, we share experiences, exchange ideas and knowledge, receive hands-on training led by Flink experts, and recharge our community together.

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

Since 2014, global Flink Forward events have featured 250+ interactive sessions by tech leads, open-source developers, software engineers, and software architects from businesses like: IBM, DoorDash, Uber, Schonfeld, ING Bank, Block, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Apple, Lyft, LinkedIn, and many more.

The conferences have garnered 3,000+ attendees in total, representing over 1,200 companies, including individuals from leading organizations such as Google, Microsoft, AMEX, Salesforce, TikTok, Alibaba, Tencent, Paypal, Netflix, Comcast, Yelp, Airbnb, Splunk, Godaddy, AWS, Facebook, Reddit, Stripe, Goldman Sachs, and more. In addition, more than 50 expert Apache Flink training courses hosted by Ververica have been provided to sold-out venues during past Flink Forward events.

About Ververica, Organizers of Flink Forward

Ververica enables customers to unlock the value of their data. Our comprehensive streaming data platform supports a wide range of deployment options from a fully-managed, cloud-native service (Ververica Cloud) to on-premise software (Ververica Platform).

Ververica continuously innovates and pushes the boundaries of data streaming technologies, creating customized solutions for customers on their platform of choice, and providing unparalleled customer service, in addition to fostering a vibrant ecosystem of partners and developers. This enables businesses to improve operational efficiencies, reduce time to market, gain valuable insights, and drive innovation through the power of streaming data.

Unlock the power of real time streaming data with Flink Forward 2024! Find out how leading brands gain insights by connecting, processing and analyzing their data in real time. This is the event for the data streaming community, every moment organized from those who know it best - (the goofballs at) Ververica.

Flink Forward Seattle 2023

More Resources

Want to stay informed of the latest developments regarding Flink Forward Berlin 2024? Sign up to be the first to hear about open registration, exciting speaker announcements, and details for all things Flink Forward!

Help us make #FlinkForward Berlin successful by spreading the word, submitting your proposal, and keeping an eye out for the sponsorship prospectus and registration, which is opening SOON. 

Follow Flink Forward on Twitter (@flinkforward)

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Flink Forward 2024 conference only ticket

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