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by Markos Sfikas November 16, 2018

Stream processing: An Introduction to Event Time in Apache Flink

Apache Flink supports multiple notions of time for stateful stream processing. This post focuses on event time support in Apache Flink. In the following sections we define what event time is with ...

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by Jeff Bean November 14, 2018

Years in Big Data. Months with Apache Flink. 5 Early Observations With Stream Processing

This Fall I became more active with the Apache Flink community in my role as Technical Evangelist at data Artisans, after almost 8 years in Big Data. At October’s Bay Area Flink Meetup, I...

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by Markos Sfikas November 09, 2018

Broadcast State Pattern in Apache Flink: 4 important considerations

This post explores the Broadcast State pattern that was introduced in Apache Flink 1.5.0. In the following sections, we describe what is a Broadcast State Pattern, how Broadcast State differs from...

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by Aljoscha Krettek November 06, 2018

Flink SQL for powerful querying of data streams and data at rest

While Flink SQL was initially released with Flink 1.1.0 back in August 2016, recent Flink releases have added quite a bit of functionality that makes Flink SQL easier to use by eliminating the...

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by Stefan Richter November 02, 2018

3 differences between Savepoints and Checkpoints in Apache Flink

This episode of our Flink Friday Tip explains what Savepoints and Checkpoints are and examines the main differences between them in Apache Flink. In the following paragraphs, we explain what...

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by Seth Wiesman October 26, 2018

Stateful Stream Processing: Apache Flink State Backends

This episode of our Flink Friday Tip explores stateful stream processing and more precisely the different state backends available in Apache Flink. In the following sections, we present the 3...

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by Markos Sfikas October 22, 2018

Community Update: October 2018 Apache Flink Bay Area Meetup

On October 11 MapR and data Artisans held their first mutual Apache Flink Meetup in the Bay Area with more than 40 attendees. The Flink community enjoyed a packed agenda with detailed talks and...

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by David Anderson October 19, 2018

Watermarks in Apache Flink Made Easy

As folks first begin to work with Flink, watermarks can be a source of confusion. But this topic doesn't have to be complicated. Let's work through a simple example that will show why we need...

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by Fabian Hueske October 12, 2018

How Apache Flink manages Kafka consumer offsets

In this blog post, we explain how Apache Flink works with Apache Kafka to ensure that records from Kafka topics are processed with exactly-once guarantees, using a step-by-step example. ...

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