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Ververica Platform 2.10.4 is released!


Ververica Platform release 2.10.4 is now released to General Availability (GA) for all customers and interested parties.

Ververica Platform is built on Apache Flink® and combines the best of open source technologies with Ververica's proprietary enhancements, based on our expertise in powering ecommerce, real-time transactions and analytics, fraud detection, personalized recommendations, IoT applications, sentiment analysis, and more at massive scale.

This is a patch release and delivers an increment to the Flink core and incremental improvements to the platform, with a focus on ease and robustness of deployability, and interoperability in complex, real world environments.

Patch releases enable Ververica to respond rapidly to feature requests from customers already running Ververica Platform live in the field as a private cloud platform for their Flink applications.

Ververica Platform 2.10.4 supports Apache Flink® 1.16 and Apache Flink® 1.15 under SLA. Apache Flink® 1.14 is deprecated in this version and supported on a best-effort basis.

Platform 2.10.4

This is a quick summary of what's new. Dive into the details in the Release Notes.

Underlying Flink platform

The Flink SQL Version is bumped to Apache Flink® 1.16.2.

Ververica Platform supports PyFlink, which enables you to write and run Python extensions or complete applications against your platform deployment. Check the User Guide for details.

Enhancements and New Features

Manually triggered database schema management

If your deployment environment forbids Auto-DDL, Ververica Platform now supports manual database schema updates.

Improvements to Artifact existence checking use cases

Ververica Platform’s artifact management now has better existence checking and handling of the job termination state.

Making Autopilot configurations more transparent

Autopilot is a key platform feature that provides automatic configuration of Apache Flink® deployments for optimal parallelism and high data throughput. Autopilot Logging is now included as a configuration option. Logging reports Flink metrics and the inputs and recommendations of parallelism calculations.

Bug Fixes

Significant bug fixes include Kubernetes Namespace accessibility checking.


VVP Kubernetes is now marked as deprecated, migration to Flink Kubernetes is recommended. Please check Kubernetes High-Availability Service for more information.

See the Release Notes

As always, for full details of all changes and for links to deployment images see the Ververica Platform 2.10.4 Release Notes.

Why did Apache Flink win the "Coolest Data Processing Framework" award?

Because it always stays "ahead of the stream" and never misses a beat!

Apache Flink 2023 SIGMOD Systems Award

Don’t have an existing Ververica Platform environment? You can still follow along by downloading our free community edition of Ververica Platform HERE.

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