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Ankit Jhalaria

Ankit Jhalaria

Ankit Jhalaria is a Principal Software Engineer at GoDaddy where he is responsible for building and maintaining the company’s streaming data platform using Apache Beam and Apache Flink to make data available to downstream customers. He previously worked at AtScale building a BI platform and Yahoo where he worked on large-scale applications with MapReduce and Hadoop. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from USC. He is an Apache Beam contributor and he enjoys spending time with his family.

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by Ankit Jhalaria May 19, 2020

How GoDaddy uses Flink to run real time streaming pipelines

During Flink Forward Virtual 2020, GoDaddy demonstrated to the Flink community how our Data Platform Team uses Apache Flink for running real time streaming pipelines. In this post, I will describe...

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by Ankit Jhalaria April 02, 2020

Session preview: Building Stateful Streaming Pipelines at Godaddy with Flink

Are you thinking of joining the Virtual Flink Forward on April 22 - 24? It’s the first time the Godaddy team will present at a Flink Forward event and we are beyond excited to share our experience...

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