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Sijie Guo

Sijie Guo

Sijie Guo is the PMC Chair of Apache BookKeeper and the PMC member of Apache Pulsar. He worked at Twitter before and led the messaging team. Prior to Twitter, he worked on Yahoo! push notification infrastructure.
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by Sijie Guo March 03, 2021

Ververica + StreamNative: Cloud Partners

We are excited to announce the Cloud Partnership of Ververica and StreamNative. This is fantastic news for both the Apache Flink and Apache Pulsar communities as it means a closer collaboration...

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by Sijie Guo February 28, 2019

Flink Forward Session Preview: Elastic Data Processing with Apache Flink and Apache Pulsar

Excited for Flink Forward San Francisco 2019? As one of the 30+ conference speakers, I want to give a sneak preview of my upcoming Flink Forward talk: Elastic Data Processing with Apache Flink and...

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