Introducing the Ververica Development and Startup License Programs

November 14, 2019 | by Holger Temme & Konstantin Knauf

Since its inception, Ververica Platform has focused on enabling and supporting the modern enterprise in its adoption of state-of-the-art data processing powered by real-time data. Oftentimes, early adopters of stream processing technologies need this extra “helping hand” and piece of advice to get their POCs or applications to production faster, without spending time and resources on infrastructure maintenance. This is where our brand new license programs come in.  

Today we are thrilled to announce two new license programs that support early adopters of Apache Flink in gaining access to the market-leading stream processing technology, Ververica Platform. The Ververica Development and Ververica Startup License Programs are the perfect starting point for your stream processing journey with the support of our Platform.


Ververica Startup License Program

The Ververica Startup License Program is a specially-designed license scheme of Ververica Platform Stream Edition for Startups. The new scheme provides qualified organizations with state-of-the-art stream processing technology and support for Apache Flink by its original creators. The Startup License  provides access to the full feature set of Ververica Platform Stream Edition including:

  • Ververica’s Apache Flink Distribution with 3 Years Enterprise Support

  • Apache Flink Application Lifecycle & Configuration Management

  • Apache Flink Deployment & Operations on Kubernetes

  • Flink Master Failover without a dependency on Zookeeper

  • Artifact Management

On top of that, the program provides additional resources and benefits to qualified startups such as access to our engineering teams, enhanced visibility including co-branding and marketing opportunities, the ability to host joint meetups and other events and more. Find out more information about the brand new Startup License Program and check the eligibility criteria to secure your spot. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

As a technology-first organization, it’s critical to use modern tools and frameworks that complement our core DevOps philosophy. Ververica Platform is exactly that. With Ververica, we’ve been able to quickly drive forward our Kubernetes-native continuous delivery pipeline for Flink applications in a way that makes a noticeable difference to our engineers and our customers.”

Kevin Barresi, CTO FinTech Studios


Ververica Development License Program

The Ververica Development License Program is a scheme dedicated to early-adopters of stream processing and Apache Flink, eager to step up their stream processing game to the next level. Companies currently developing a POC or early version of their Flink application can now benefit from the Development License Program that comes with all the benefits of adopting a state-of-the-art stream processing platform early in the development lifecycle.

By getting access to the full feature set of Ververica Platform Stream Edition,  your software development and DevOps teams can streamline their Apache Flink operations and adopt best practices from day one. Leveraging the Ververica Development License Program allows you to focus on the application logic and system design, instead of spending unnecessary time on infrastructure maintenance and operations. Find out more about the program benefits and unique features and contact our team for more information.


The two brand new license programs provide additional ways for us to engage with new and existing Flink users, demonstrating our determination and passion about bringing the power of stream processing and Apache Flink to a wide set of organizations across geographies and sectors. We are excited to be working with an extended breadth of organizations across all sizes and different adoption stages of Apache Flink and cannot wait to get both programs to the next level! 

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