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Announcing Stateful Functions: Distributed State, Uncomplicated

October 08, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Stateful Functions (, an open source framework that reduces the complexity of building and orchestrating distributed stateful applications at scale. Stateful Functions brings together the...

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Google k8s operator

Google Cloud Platform's Flink Operator for Kubernetes is here!

October 03, 2019

At Flink Forward Europe 2019, the Google team will be presenting a keynote about “Building and operating a serverless streaming runtime for Apache Beam in the Google Cloud”. This comes along with Google’s latest contribution to the Apache Flink™...

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Ververica Stream Alliance Program

Announcing the Ververica Stream Alliance Program

September 18, 2019

Earlier this year we announced the pre-registration to our Ververica Partner Program. After an overwhelming number of organizations expressed their interest to join Ververica’s partner ecosystem, we are excited to introduce our extended partner...

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Flink Forward Session Preview: Real-time Experiment Analytics at Pinterest with Apache Flink

September 17, 2019

Flink Forward Europe 2019 is fast approaching and we would like to share with the Apache Flink community some more information about the talk that we will be presenting at the conference in October. In the following sections, we will present how...

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Flink Forward Session Preview: Not So Big - Flink as a true Application Framework

September 11, 2019

How does an engineering team start thinking of  Apache Flink more like an “application framework” instead of a “stream processor”? This will be one of the discussion items in our Flink Forward Europe 2019 talk scheduled for October 8, 2019. ...

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Apache Flink training, Ververica,

Introducing Ververica's redesigned training

September 05, 2019

We are excited to present our re-designed public training offering effective September 2019. The all-new training experience has been re-designed from the ground-up to meet the requirements of a best-in-class curriculum that now includes two...

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Flink Forward Session Preview: Streaming Event-Time Partitioning With Apache Flink and Apache Iceberg at Netflix

August 29, 2019

Are you thinking of joining Flink Forward Europe 2019? As a first-time speaker at the event, I am excited to meet the Apache Flink community and share how we leveraged Apache Flink and Apache Iceberg (Incubating) at Netflix to build streaming...

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Yelp-realtime store predictions - LatePingEvictor

How Yelp uses Flink for predicting store visits in real time

August 26, 2019

I recently presented at Flink Forward San Francisco 2019 and showcased how the User Location Intelligence team at Yelp uses Apache Flink for predicting real-time store visits. In the following sections, I will give an overview of our stream...

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Flink Forward Europe 2019 - Program Announced

August 01, 2019

The 5th annual conference features 70+ sessions with speakers from Airbus, Goldman Sachs, Emirates NBD, Pinterest, Stripe and more


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Flink, RocksDB, tuning, Klaviyo

Stream processing with High Cardinality and Large State at Klaviyo

June 04, 2019

We recently presented Klaviyo’s use case at Flink Forward San Francisco 2019 and showcased how our engineering team leverages Apache Flink to scale the company’s real-time analytics system that deduplicates over a million events and updates over...

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