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Ververica Platform 2.11.2 is Released!


🚀 On time and on target, the latest update to Ververica Platform is now released and in General Availability (GA) for all customers and interested parties. You can find platform images and archives in the usual places; check out the links below.

This is a patch release that focuses on UI enhancements and other improvements requested by the community and our customers. As always, we’ve made component and library updates that reflect our proactive approach to driving out vulnerabilities wherever we find them, whether that’s in the platform itself, or included third-party components, or in the tools and infrastructure we build and package with.

What’s New in Ververica Platform 2.11.2

Enhancements and Improvements

Enhanced Visibility for Labels in Deployment Targets Table

We’ve improved the Deployment Targets Table so that labels added via the API are now shown in the UI, together with the annotations map. This is a UI enhancement that doesn’t change the workflow functionality, but it should make resource management easier.

Expand and Collapse SQL Script List for Improved Usability

We’ve made the SQL Script List panel collapsible, to give you more room for working in the Editor. You can expand and collapse the panel as you navigate the list, for example you can expand the panel to search for historical scripts, then collapse the panel again to work in the Editor, all without disrupting your workflow. Check out the screenshots below to see how it looks.

How it was before:

Before the changes

How it is now:

After the changes 1

After the changes 2

Other improvements

We’ve made a couple of other changes that will improve your experience using the platform:

  • Optional Logout Configuration for SAML Authentication in VVP.
  • Upgraded Spring Boot up to v2.7.16.

Bug Fixes

Fixing bugs is an important part of our release cycle! The fixes below remove two minor bugs:

  • Reorganize order of starting Kubernetes resources during Flink job setup to suppress the transient error message: serviceaccount <sa-name> not found.
  • Fixed a bug where setting additional configurations during deployment creation resulted in the Number of Task Managers being incorrectly set to 0.

Vulnerability Fixes (outside of Apache Flink®)

And as always we are continuously stamping out vulnerabilities to ensure that your deployments remain secure. The following vulnerabilities are now removed:

  • Removal of vulnerability CVE-2023-34610 originating from a com.cedarsoftware:json-io dependency.
  • Removal of vulnerability CVE-2023-36665 originating from a protobufjs dependency.
  • Updated Snappy-Java to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-43642.
  • Updated Jetty-Http to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-40167.
  • Updated Bcprov-Jdk18on to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-33201.
  • Updated Kafka-Clients to resolve vulnerability CVE-2023-25194.


As always, we recommend upgrading via Helm using the following commands:

$ helm repo add ververica
$ helm repo update
$ helm upgrade [RELEASE] ververica/ververica-platform --version 5.7.2 --values custom-values.yaml


If you are an existing customer, you already know where to find platform images and archives – see Ververica Platform 2.11.2 Release Notes for all links and full details of all changes in this release.

If you are new to the platform, you’ll find everything you need to know at the Ververica Platform  Downloads page.

🚀🌟 Let the excitement begin! 😄💥

Don’t have an existing Ververica Platform environment? You can still follow along by downloading our free community edition of Ververica Platform HERE.

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