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Kostas Tzoumas

Kostas Tzoumas

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by Kostas Tzoumas February 08, 2019

Introducing our new name!

Today, we’re excited to share the next phase of our journey - introducing our new name!

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by Kostas Tzoumas January 08, 2019

data Artisans + Alibaba: A new chapter for Open Source Big Data

Authors: Kostas Tzoumas and Stephan Ewen 

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by Kostas Tzoumas March 28, 2018

Full Stream Ahead! dA Platform is Generally Available and Ready for Download

Today, we’re excited to announce that dA Platform, a production-ready stream processing infrastructure with open-source Apache Flink®, is generally available!We first unveiled dA Platform at Flink...

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by Kostas Tzoumas January 26, 2018

Streaming Data in the Enterprise Hits a Tipping Point: Our 2018 Predictions

On January 18, 2018 Information Management published an article that we contributed about some of our predictions for this year in the big data and analytics space.The key takeaway is that stream...

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by Kostas Tzoumas September 11, 2017

Introducing dA Platform: Stateful Stream Processing Powered by Apache Flink® Made Easier for Everyone

For more than three years, data Artisans has been working closely with the teams who manage some of the largest stream processing deployments in the world, including Apache Flink® deployments at...

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by Kostas Tzoumas November 23, 2016

Stream Processing Myths Debunked

By @kostas_tzoumas and @wints Needless to say, we here at data Artisans spend a lot of time thinking about stream processing. Even cooler: we spend a lot of time helping others think about stream...

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by Kostas Tzoumas May 03, 2016

Why Apache Beam?

In this post, we would like to shed some light upon Apache Beam, the new Apache Incubator project that Google initiated with us and other partners. We would like to highlight our involvement in Beam...

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by Kostas Tzoumas April 12, 2016

Counting in streams: A hierarchy of needs

This post is based on the talk I gave at the Strata/Hadoop World conference in San Jose, March 31 2016. You can find the slide set here, and you can also read this article at the MapR blog.

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by Kostas Tzoumas January 20, 2016

Dataflow proposed as Apache Incubator project

Today, we are delighted to see Dataflow publicly proposed as an Apache Incubator project with an initial project team from Google, data Artisans, Cloudera, and others. data Artisans is the second...

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