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Kostas Tzoumas

Kostas Tzoumas

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by Kostas Tzoumas October 06, 2015

How we selected Flink as our Stream Processing Framework at Otto Group

This is a guest post written by Christian Kreutzfeldt (@mnxfst) and Alexander Kolb (@lofifnc) from the Otto Group Business Intelligence Department.  

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by Kostas Tzoumas September 21, 2015

Announcing Cascading on Apache Flink™

See also the related announcement at the Cascading blog.                    Today we are thrilled to announce the first availability of Cascading on Flink, a result of a community-driven effort...

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by Kostas Tzoumas September 15, 2015

Batch is a special case of streaming

Interested in stream processing? Sign up for Flink Forward 2015, the first conference on Apache Flink™. In recent blog posts, we introduced what we deem as requirements for systems to classify as...

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by Kostas Tzoumas August 05, 2015

High-throughput, low-latency, and exactly-once stream processing with Apache Flink™

The popularity of stream data platforms is skyrocketing. Several companies are transitioning parts of their data infrastructure to a streaming paradigm as a solution to increasing demands for...

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by Kostas Tzoumas June 01, 2015

Stream processing at Bouygues Telecom with Apache Flink™

This is a guest post written by Mohamed Amine Abdessemed from Bouygues Telecom About Bouygues Telecom Bouygues Telecom is a full-service communication operator (mobile, fixed telephony, TV,...

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by Kostas Tzoumas May 06, 2015

Real-time stream processing: The next step for Apache Flink™

This post also appears as a guest post at the Confluent blog. Stream processing is becoming very popular with open source projects like Apache Kafka, Apache Samza, Apache Storm, Apache Spark’s...

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by Kostas Tzoumas October 29, 2014

Apache Flink: new kid on the block

Apache Flink (incubating) is a new project undergoing incubation in the Apache Software Foundation. Flink is a new approach to distributed data processing for the Hadoop ecosystem. We believe that...

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